The Hammersmith Interview Course: Online guides and interview preparation

We have been training, shortlisting and interviewing junior and senior NHS staff for nearly 20 years. We are all senior NHS Consultants and the content has been created using our considerable shortlisting and interview experience of all professional groups.

Over this time, the landscape for interview preparation has changed. We offer a range of online options to help you prepare based on our successful course and our years of experience.

OVERVIEW OF ALL MATERIALS. Immediate download/access.

Hammersmith Interview Course - Extended Course now available

All the materials from the Hammersmith Interview Course, tailored for either senior posts (Consultants, Senior Managers) job applications or junior medical/dental CT / ST / Registrar-grade applications. Additional material with further explanations, practice questions, presentation advice, and more. The course focusses on the non-clinical aspects of interviews (where candidates are usually weaker, to understand the governance, risk, safety, leadership, NHS structural, career output, professionalism and teamworking questions that are so commonplace at interviews. In our experience, these areas are where the most marks can be gained for a strong performance

Interview Questions - Advice, structures and "model" answers

To complement the Hammersmith Interview Course manual, we have released two guides for either Senior or Junior with detailed advice on structuring interview answers, with a broad range of genuine interview questions with answers and advice.

Detailed CV and Application Form guidance from the Hammersmith Interview Course

Comprehensive Application / CV Guides for Consultant/Senior level or Junior doctor grade jobs with detailed guide on how to put together a CV/application that really showcases your career to date

Online Situational Judgement Questions and GPST Exams

Large bank of online situational judgement tests (SJTs) for all juniors - excellent online practice to get into the "interview mindset" of answering situational ("what should you do?") questions.

Hammersmith GPST Stage 2 online practice exams great resource for GPST Stage 2 preparation. Professional dilemmas, clinical problem solving and excellent value!